Full wave Bridge Kit – rated for 35A


Price: $42.00

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Note: All of the connecting cables used with our Human and Bike Power Generators also use the Full Wave Bridge Kit. We build these into an in-line, aluminum box.

Description: The stock no. 272125 full wave rectifier bridge kit has two primary purposes:

Inline Diode

All Connnecting Cables Have an Inline Diode To Prevent Reverse Current From The Battery

  1. To act as a reverse-current blocking diode for battery charging directly from a permanent magnet DC generator, and
  2. To permit the DC generator to rotate in either direction while providing a constant polarity output.

This device can also be used to rectify an ac input current into dc

Specifications: 110 x 65 mm, 30 mm high.  Weight: 110 g

Electrical capacity - 35 amperes maximum current, 200 volts maximum voltage

Installation instructions:

Connect the generator wires to the two screw-down terminals marked "FROM GENERATOR". Connect the battery or other output load to the two terminals marked "TO LOAD".  Attach the mounting plate to a suitable heat sink (aluminium is a good choice) using the four holes in the corners if the plate, preferably using silicone heat transfer compound to reduce the thermal resistance.