Windstream ® High RPM Permanent Magnet DC Generator- Current: 14A continuous, 20A max (#443542)


Price: $350.00

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Current Ratings for # 443542

  • 14A - Continuous Duty
  • 20A - 40 minute run time

Start Up Torque - 0.588 x 0.075 = 0.044 Newton-meter (equivalent to 0.032 pound-feet or 0.38 pound-inches

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  • Magnets: Two high-energy saturated C8 ceramic magnets.
  • Shaft: Steel 12.7mm (1/2") diameter, 40mm length, with 1mm full-length flat.
  • Armature: 16-slot armature 52mm diameter wound with AWG18 magnet wire (fusing current:83 amperes).
  • Brushes:  Replacement stock no. 443729 - $ 58.00 for the set.
  • Bearings: Two double-sealed 32mm OD ball bearings - can search online for universal electric motor ball bearing # 6201Z - widely available.
  • Rotation: Either direction - The red or white output wire is positive for clockwise rotation from the shaft end. Full Wave Bridge Rectifier can be used if shaft will be turned in both directions.
  • Speed: 2500 to 3,000 rpm at 12V
    Mounting: Four 1/4-20 holes on the front or rear end caps, or by hose clamps on the magnet drum.
  • Weight: 4.2Kg (9.2lb) Shipping weight 4.6Kg (11lb), dimensions 150x150x300mm (6x6x12in).
  • Resistance: Internal resistance 0.3 ohms. Inductance 22mH.
  • Generators are not weatherproof and need to be enclosed if used outside.

*Generators are non- returnable once installed and connected to a power supply.

If you receive a generator that is damaged in shipping, please notify us before you install the generator in your application.