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Since 1974, 0ur popular and time tested hand crank/foot crank Human Power Generator can be found in research stations in Antarctica, schools and science centers in North America, the UK and Europe. Hundreds of them are used for radio communications in remote Siberia.

Human Power Generator Manual

The Basics

  • Charges between 3A to 5A when connected to a 12V battery or equivalent resistive load.
  • The connecting cable is included in the price and can be chosen when an order is placed.  
  • Comes standard with pedals.
  • Handcranks are an additional option for $ 45.00. Handcranks are included if purchased with the 12V Educational Light Box.
  • Covered with front and rear chain guards for safety.

AC appliances? can be used with the Human Power Generator by using a DC-AC inverter connected to a battery (see our Portable Power Pack which houses both the 12V battery and the inverter). Laptops, lights, radios, charging phones and devices are all very compatible with the power pack.

DC Direct? It is possible to directly power certain DC powered equipment such as a low power water pump without using a battery, however the Human Power Generator can produce up to about 17V, if a person pedals very hard, whips the crank or if the load is lifted.  In DC direct applications, a charge controller, voltage regulator or careful monitoring is recommended.

The Human Power Generator consists of a heavy, powder coated steel frame holding a bicycle-like crank, with a step-up chain drive (6.5:1) attached to our permanent magnet DC generator (stock # 443541).


  • Emergency power generation and battery charging - land and marine.
  • Measurement of human power and endurance.
  • Remote or off-grid power for water pumps and small appliances requiring under 65 watts.
  • Independent radio or radiotelephone systems; emergency communications.
  • Classroom projects and educational exhibits to demonstrate the
    amount of effort required to generate electrical power.

The Human Power Generator automatically comes with a heavy duty diode protected connecting cable. You can choose the kind of wire termination that suits your application.

The diode is built into a small in-line aluminium box and prevents reverse current from traveling back from the battery to the generator. The diode is rated at 35A and is also a Full Wave Bridge that allows the user to pedal safely in either direction regardless of the polarity of the generator.