The Windstream ® Human Power Generator and 12V DC Educational Light box System


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Windstream's 12V DC Educational Lightbox and Human Power Generator is ideal for high volume, interactive demonstrations. It's robust, solid and is ready to use right out of the box. This is a favorite for schools, science centers and energy efficiency programs. Please note - we have recently updated our Light Box to use 12V,3 watt LED's - replacing the CFL -new photos to follow soon.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Mr. Andrius Kubilius at the Sartai Park Visitors Centre Exhibition "Make Green Power" using our Human Power Generator and expanded 12V Lightbox! Photo credit -

Windstream's 12V DC Voltage Regulated Educational Light Box

Windstream's 12V DC Voltage Regulated Educational Light Box

The Windstream® 12V DC Educational Light Box is the safest and most reliable on the market.  It is voltage regulated and fully sealed.  The Light Box holds a 12V, 50 watt incandescent bulb and a 12V, 3 watt LED  bulb. It is possible to demonstrate how much physical energy is required to produce enough power to light the bulbs...and the LED is much easier!  Children and adults alike find this to be a challenging and educational experience.

Note: When you order the 12V Light Box and the Human Power Generator, it is sold as a complete system and everything is included in the price - connecting cable, bulbs, handcranks etc.  

"Hands-on demonstrations using Windstream equipment literally give people a feel for what it's like to generate enough electricity to light a few bulbs or power a small appliance. These eye-opening lessons are absolutely the fastest and best way we have to wake people up to their energy use and to show the immediate improvements that can be made through energy efficiency." 

- Noah Davis - Manager, Solar In the Schools - Solar Energy International, Carbondale CO

The turn key system includes:                                                                    human_power_display

  •  Human Power Generator with set of handcranks and a set of pedals
  • 6 ft twist lock connecting cable
  • 12V Educational Light Box
  • 2 each of the 12V incandescent and LED bulbs
  • Accessory pack that includes a flat wrench for attaching or removing pedals or handcranks and hardware  - wood screws and washers to bolt the HPG to a flat surface
  • Clear and simple owner's manual