The Windstream ® Human Power Generator

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The Windstream ® Human Power Generator

Windstream® offers our unique and time tested 12V DC Human Power Generator that can be operated with interchangeable hand cranks or pedals.  It has a rated power output of 75 watts maximum and an average sustained output of 50 watts.  The charging current is between 3-5 amperes.

It is designed to connect to a 12V battery or a portable power pack.  It can also be used in direct DC applications such as our 12VDC Educational Light Box.

The Human Power Generator is the solution to energy education in the classroom and fail safe backup power for small appliances.

Our Windstream ®Human Power Generators can be found in research stations in Antarctica and hundreds of them are used for radio communications in Siberia.  We also supply schools and utility companies with our Human Power Generator and Light Box for energy efficiency programs.

Connect a simple twist lock, diode protected, heavy duty connecting cable.  The connecting cable can be customized in length and terminations.  The standard connecting cable is 10 ft or 3 metres long.  The diode is a full wave bridge rectifier that allows the user to pedal in either direction, regardless of polarity.  It also acts as a blocking diode to prevent reverse current.

We specialize in incredibly tough products, designed to last.  We have been manufacturing our Human Power Generator for over 25 years and have been manufacturing variations on this generator since 1974.