Welcome to Windstream Power LLC.  We are an OEM manufacturer located in Vermont, USA.

We have been supplying Permanent Magnet DC Generators, Voltage Regulators and our Human Power Generator to exhibit fabrication companies, small wind and microhydro manufacturers, as well to hundreds of other industrial applications, all over the world, for 44 years! 

12V DC Human Power Generator   Permanent Magnet DC Generator Full Wave Bridge KitWindstream Power 12V Voltage Regulator

  • We are the original manufacturer of The Human Power Generator.  Many have copied us – but ours produces more power than other hand or foot crank devices on the market today.  Most will only produce 20 to 30 watts, ours will produce up to 75 watts.
    • We are transparent and explain in detail what you can expect for charging current, power and how it really works!
    • We have a solid history and have been in business since 1974.
    • Our products are made in Vermont, USA by the same people that sell them.
    • Our products are built to last. We use powder coated steel where others use plastic.
    • Our Windstream® permanent magnet DC generators are the toughest on the market and made in the USA.